3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your Pool Ready For the Season

swimming pool cleaning serviceIf you own one of the 5.1 million in-ground pools located in the U.S., you’ll undoubtedly know all the joy having your own swimming pool can bring. But chances are, you’ll also understand that opening your pool for the season can be a trial. Regular swimming pool maintenance will ensure you can easily use your pool throughout the season, and hiring a pool maintenance company when you first open your pool in the spring is a must for many families.

But before you schedule an appointment with your swimming pool cleaning service this season, there are a few tasks you can handle yourself to ensure the process goes smoothly. Here are three spring cleaning tips you should follow before opening your pool this year.

    1. Trim the Trees
      Our first tip actually has nothing to do with the pool itself, but if you skip it, you’ll make things much harder for your swimming pool cleaning service. Budding and blossoming trees sure are beautiful, but they can wreak havoc on your pool and yard. You’ll want to make sure you trim overgrown branches and prune any hedges or shrubs that hang over the pool. You should also clear away leaves from around the pool and equipment. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with clogged filters and constant skimming for the next few months.


    1. Clean the Cover
      After you clean up your yard, it’s time to move on to your winter pool cover. If there’s standing water on your cover, you’ll need to vacuum or pump that off first. Since water can seep through the cover from the pool itself, this should be done carefully. You’ll then need to sweep off any leaves or debris that have settled on the cover. Once you actually open your pool for the season, you can give the cover a thorough cleaning prior to storing it. Make sure to let it dry completely and store in an environment with very little moisture.


  1. Open Early
    A lot of people like to wait until the temperatures really start warming up to treat the water and officially open the pool. However, it’s actually better to get started earlier. Once the water in your swimming pool reaches 60 degrees or so, it’s prone to algae growth. Shocking will kill this algae, but it’s better to take care of it before it becomes a big problem. By opening your pool and scheduling an appointment with your swimming pool cleaning service sooner rather than later, you’re minimizing the chance of bacterial growth.

It’s never too early to start planning your pool maintenance. To learn more about our pool cleaning services, contact H2O Pool Service today!

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