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How To Spend Less On Pool Maintenance

Tips that can help you spend less on pool maintenance.

If you want to spend less on pool maintenance, then keep in mind that energy efficiency and prevention can help you succeed in that regard. By investing a little money up front, you can save a ton on your utility bills. Likewise, by setting yourself up for success with weekly pool service, you can save on your monthly service with high-quality pool vacuum service and preventative treatments.

Here are some tips that can help you spend less on pool maintenance.

Solar cover

You can save money on heating by using a solar cover to reduce water loss and increase heat retention. A good solar cover usually costs around $150. You can also cut the cover into three pieces to make it easier to maneuver on and off the pool.

Solar heating

You can also opt for solar heating instead of a gas heater. While installing a solar heater may cost a few thousand dollars more at around $5,000-$7,000, you have the sun to provide you with a free and unlimited power source. Operating a gas heater, on the other hand, can cost you close to $1,000/month if used daily.

Variable speed pump

A variable speed pump can help you save an estimated $500-$1,000/year on electricity, especially if you run it during off-peak hours, which are usually at night. A good variable speed pump generally costs between $1,250 and $1,750 installed, and they are great pumps.

Keep your pool free of leaves

In order to make weekly maintenance easier, you can trim the trees around the pool and keep the patio around the pool clear of leaves. Fewer leaves in the pool makes things easier for the pool tech to clean and will probably lead to a lower monthly fee for his services. The same thing could happen if you purchase a Solar Breeze surface skimmer and a roaming pool vacuum.

Phosphate remover

Phosphates are food for algae, so if you use a phosphate remover monthly and keep levels below 100 ppb, you can use less chlorine, less algaecide, run your pump fewer hours, and clean your filter less frequently.

Do your research

You can also save a few more bucks if you do some research on which company offers better prices for their weekly pool maintenance services. However, don’t let price solely dictate everything, because a quality service provider may charge more, but can save you hundreds, if not thousands, in the long run as they can help keep your equipment in good condition and educate you on little things you can do that will add up to bigger and better savings over time.

Non-DE cartridge filters

These filters have fewer parts to break and don’t require diatomaceous earth or DE, A traditional filter with eight grids usually costs $100+/year due to constantly having to replace the grids.

Also, keep your water level at a healthy height and your filter clean, so circulation is consistently good. This reduces algae and chemical costs, and helps keep your water clear.