Is Your Pool Filthy? Acid Washing Can Be The Solution

acid washing a poolIf you’re one of the millions of Americans that have a home with a pool, you know what kind of a hassle it is to keep maintained. In 2015, it was estimated that about 21.23 million people lived in a home with a pool, and with pools come cleaning and maintenance. Leaves, algae, and so much more always finds its way into your pool, and sometimes regular bleach just isn’t enough.

And that’s when you reach out to pool cleaning services and maybe see about acid washing a pool.

Acid washing a pool can help remove unsightly stains that occur due to hard water and algae buildup. Once the water begins to look murky and usually green or black, it’s clearly time for your pool to undergo an acid-wash to clean it up.

This process can be done yourself, but it is recommended that you leave it to a professional to avoid damaging the plaster surface of your pool and having to contact a pool resurfacing company after.

Given time, your pool water will begin to grow algae, and that will sit in the pool until cleaned out, which can stain the plaster so deeply it can’t be removed. Generally, if you can’t see the bottom of your pool, it’s been sitting long enough to warrant an acid-wash.

Generally, your pool will only need an acid-washing every five to seven years if you treat and maintain the water in it regularly. Acid-washing your pool too often can actually damage the plaster inside of it because the acid strips away a small layer each time used. For this reason, manually scrubbing a pool without any acid or with a chlorine solution is better for a slightly dirty pool.

If you have a vinyl-lined pool, you should never acid-wash it. It only requires cleaning with detergents and conditioners.

Acid is dangerous, which may seem like a common sense statement, but it needs to be said. A pool can be cleaned with any chemicals found in a pool supply store, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could cause serious damage to yourself. For that reason, it is recommended that you get the assistance of a pool repair or cleaning company.

If you have any questions about acid washing a pool, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and talk to you about a pool cleaning solution.

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