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First, we drain your pool using a submersible pump. Then we wash the pool down (scrub if necessary) and remove all algae, leaves etc. Once the sauna or swimming pool is clean and empty, we start with the pool cleaner. After using our pool products to clean the tile, we rinse down and vacuum the entire pool making sure glass bead is gone. Next, we acid wash the pool surface, rinse it down, and drain all the dirty water. Next, we acid wash the pool surface, rinse it down, and drain all the dirty pool with fresh water (from your water hose). Once the pool is filled, you give us a call and we will stop by and add the start-up chemical (free of charge).

Acid washing a pool does a few things; it’s a good idea to change the water in your swimming pool periodically due to usage. Acid wash pool service works because the acid removes the fine layer of dirt and calcium that builds up over time as well as a thin layer of plaster to reveal new plaster underneath and will generally restore about 70/80 percent of its brightness.

Other pool company’s may utilize cheap cleaning materials to offer you a lower rate, we only use the best possible product, which is glass beads, in our tile pool cleaners. The glass is soft and will not harm your tile. We do a vacuum recovery of our glass media as well as a thorough cleaning around the pool. After your tile is cleaned, we apply a clear sealer to the surface. This sealer will help slow future build up by providing a barrier between the tile and future build up.

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