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Pool Pump Equipment Repair

Pool equipment repairIt would be such a relief if swimming pools were just concrete holes filled with water where we can just take a dip anytime without worrying about anything else. Swimming pools as we know them today, however, are a lot more complicated than that. For one thing, modern pools are run with equipment that makes swimming a lot safer, healthier, and enjoyable.

One look at a modern swimming pool and you will see that various machines and contraptions work together in its operation. Pool pumps, pool heaters, and pool filters are just some of the equipment that ensures a pool works as normally it should.

However, it’s a fact that all types of equipment break down, and pool equipment is no exception. Fortunately, we at H2O Pool Service are more than qualified to provide the best residential and commercial pool equipment installation and pool equipment repair for Arizona residents as you deserve.

Pool Pump Repair Arizona

Pool pump repairTo say that the pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool wouldn’t be too farfetched. The pool pump, after all, is the primary component of your pool’s circulation system. It is responsible for taking water from the pool through the main drain, pushing it through the filter, and returning it to the main pool.

It goes without saying that a pool pump is so essential to the operation of your swimming pool system that any problem with it must be addressed straight away. Any delay would mean your pool would not be able to pump and filter water properly, which would eventually lead to a filthy pool that would become a hotbed of pathogens that can pose a risk to anyone who swims in it.

Whatever the problem with your pool pump, we can assure you that the pool pump repair service that we at H2O Pool Service can offer; will get your swimming pool up and running in no time at all. We also offer a wide range of pool repair services in Phoenix Arizona

New Energy Efficient PumpsNew Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Standard pool pumps can consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined, often costing residential swimming pool owners more than $1,000 per year! Energy-efficient pumps can typically cut energy use by as much as 90%, generally saving between $620 to $1,360 in utility costs annually, even more in areas where rates are higher than average.

Pool filter repair

Pool filter repairAnother important component of a swimming pool system is the filter. As described above, the pump pushes water through the filter, which then traps dirt and debris inside. In the process, it creates clean water, which it then sends to other parts of the pool system until the water goes out the outlet pipe and back into the pool. As long as the pool system is turned on, the whole filtering process runs in a circular fashion.

Considering how quickly pool water can get dirty, pool filters need to run anywhere from six hours to 12 hours daily. While pool filters are built to be sturdy, it’s just a matter of time before they start having problems considering the heavy-duty nature of their job. When the day comes that it breaks down, you have to call the best pool filter service Surprise AZ can provide as soon as possible.  You really wouldn’t want to take a dip in a pool with a broken-down filter.

Pool heater repair

Pool heater repairThe function of a pool heater is pretty straightforward. It receives filtered water and heats it before returning it to the pool. The result is a very comfortable swim for everyone who uses it. While it can be optional in places like Arizona, a heater is a must for swimming pool owners in areas with very cold climates.

If your pool heater breaks down and you’ve gotten used to swimming in warm, pleasant water, call us at H2O Pool Service to get the best pool heater repair Surprise AZ has to offer right away. Also, keep in mind that pool heaters are usually powered by electricity or gas. If it’s malfunctioning, a heater can pose a serious safety risk. Let our licensed pool technicians diagnose what’s wrong with your pool heater so they can perform the necessary repairs and get it back to working condition.

Pool leak detection and repair

Pool leak detection and repairIt’s but normal for your pool to lose water. After all, evaporation and displacement are inevitable. However, if the loss amounts to two inches of water every week, then there’s a possibility that your swimming pool has a leak somewhere.

While it may not seem like a serious problem at first, a pool leak can get worse over time. Aside from the cost of losing precious water, a leak could also mean the soil surrounding your pool can get soft and erode because that is where the leaking water usually goes. When that happens, it would only be a matter of time before it creates a sinkhole which can inflict serious damage on your swimming pool’s cement, plaster, and tiles.

You can try to find the leak yourself, but if you want a more efficient way to do it, contact our team of pool technicians at H2O Pool Service and get the best pool leak detection Surprise AZ can provide.

Your swimming pool system is made up of different parts that work together, and even if just a tiny part of that system malfunctions, you’re going to have a problem on your hands. So whether you need Arizona pool motor repair or pool leak detection, you can count on us to solve your swimming pool woes the soonest possible time.

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H2O Pool Service was great! They troubleshot my old Hayward pump and were able to replace it with a new modern unit with an extended warranty. In addition, the new pump has reduced my electrical consumption by almost half. I will be sure to call them again when the need arises.

Michael B.

Steve promptly took my call and scheduled to fix my spa the very next day. He gave me an honest quote and price. Will use H2O again!!

Timothy C.

Knowledgeable and friendly! Steve’s team is professional and willing to take the time to inform you on what they are doing and why. My husband and I just built our own pool so we are pool owning newbies. We had H2O Pools come out to help us with the start up and I am so happy with the service. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a clear water pool and helpful professionals to maintain a well working pool.

Victoria J.

Thank you H2O for your reliable service. Steve is always here per schedule. Makes my life so much easier.

Mario C

We had drained the pool and were going to just refill it when we noticed it needed to be acid washed. Steve came out with in a couple of days and did the job. He was very professional on time and very knowledgeable!! I would highly recommend Steve and will absolutely use him in the future!!!

Lisa Gallagher
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