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How To Spend Less On Pool Maintenance

scottsdale pool careIf you want to spend less on pool maintenance, then keep in mind that energy efficiency and prevention can help you succeed in that regard. By investing a little money up front, you can save a ton on your utility bills. Likewise, by setting yourself up for success with weekly pool service, you can save on your monthly service with high quality pool vacuum and preventative treatments.

Here are some tips that can help you spend less on pool maintenance.

Solar cover
You can save money on heating by using a solar cover to reduce water loss and increase heat retention. A good solar cover usually costs around $150. You can also cut the cover into three pieces to make it easier to maneuver on and off the pool.

Solar heating
You can also opt for solar heating instead of a gas heater. While installing a solar heater may cost a few thousand dollars more at around $5,000-$7,000, you have the sun to provide you with a free and unlimited power source. Operating a gas heater, on the other hand, can cost you close to $1,000/month if used daily.

Variable speed pump
A variable speed pump can help you save an estimated $500-$1,000/year on electricity, especially if you run it during off-peak hours, which are usually at night.  A good variable speed pump generally costs between $1,250 and $1,750 installed, and they are great pumps.

Non-DE cartridge filters
These filters have fewer parts to break and don’t require diatomaceous earth or DE, A traditional filter with eight grids usually costs $100+/year due to constantly having to replace the grids.

Also, keep your water level at a healthy height and your filter clean, so circulation is consistently good. This reduces algae and chemical costs, and helps keep your water clear.

Keep your pool free of leaves
In order to make weekly maintenance easier, you can trim the trees around the pool and keep the patio around the pool clear of leaves.  Fewer leaves in the pool makes things easier for the pool tech to clean and will probably lead to a lower monthly fee for his services. The same thing could happen if you purchase a Solar Breeze surface skimmer and a roaming pool vacuum.

Phosphate remover
Phosphates are food for algae, so if you use a phosphate remover monthly and keep levels below 100 ppb, you can use less chlorine, less algaecide, run your pump fewer hours, and clean your filter less frequently.

Do your research
You can also save a few more bucks if you do some research on which company offers better prices for their weekly pool maintenance services. However, don’t let price solely dictate everything, because a quality service provider may charge more, but can save you hundreds, if not thousands, in the long run as they can help keep your equipment in good condition and educate you on little things you can do that will add up to bigger and better savings over time.

3 Tips for Staying Safe in the Pool

pool cleaning services phoenix azEach year, Americans make more than 400 million visits to aquatic venues including pools, hot tubs, beaches, and freshwater outlets. Swimming is an activity and sport that is loved by many and done on a daily basis.

For those that may be new to swimming, specifically children, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to stay safe. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Keep the Pool Clean
Before you can even get into the water, it’s important that the water is clean. If the water is filled with bacteria, whoever takes a dip is bound to get sick. You can choose to clean the pool yourself or hire pool services workers to come and handle pool maintenance. Checking your pool regularly to make sure that all of the chemical levels are making the pool swim-able is key to having safe water.

Keep Children Close
If you’re going to be allowing children to swim in the body of water you are near, make sure you keep a close eye on them, especially if they are younger. Making sure the child has on flotation devices and making sure they’re not doing anything they shouldn’t do while in the pool is one the of smartest things you can do. If you know how to swim, go into the pool with your child. If you have a young infant that you want to put into the pool, make sure you are holding onto them at all times while they are swimming.

Learn Life-Saving Routines
One major thing that anyone who may be going swimming should know is CPR. It’s important to learn the technique, as you never know when someone may be choking on water and will need assistance. You can also teach children how to perform the technique, as they may be around someone who may need assistance.

While swimming may be an extremely popular past time, it’s important to know how to be safe while utilizing the water. Having the safety skills will enable you to have a fun time in the water without having to worry about anything.

How To Winterize Your Arizona Pool Before Time Runs Out!

scottsdale pool careYou’re running out of time to winterize your Arizona pool! Just because you don’t have to worry about raking leaves or freezing snowstorms doesn’t mean you don’t have to winterize your pool. Here’s what you need to know about this important process:

Cut down on your chorine
Usually, the ultraviolet rays from that hot Arizona sun can breakdown and evaporate your pool’s choline. But since there isn’t as much direct sunlight during the winter, or people swimming in the pool, for that matter, you can reduce the amount of chlorine and how often you add that chlorine significantly.

Work with a professional pool cleaning service
Pool services are great for helping your pool pumps run properly and efficiently all year long, but they also are great for thorough cleanings. Before any cleaning begins, however, it’s important that you turn off your pool’s motor and pump. Additionally, you’ll have to add some winter lubricant, algaecide, and, though not a lot, some chlorine.

Beware of frozen pipes
When people think about Arizona, the word “frozen” doesn’t usually come to mind. But it is possible for pipes to freeze during the winter, even Arizona winters. In order to avoid your pipes from freezing, be sure to run your pool’s filtration hours during the coldest hours of the night. Typically, during the winter in Arizona, the coolest hours are between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Make sure your pool’s pH levels are correct
A home’s swimming pool should have a pH level between 7.4 and 7.6. Maintaining these levels throughout the winter will make it much easier for you to reopen your pool in a few months. Typically, you should test your levels during the swimming season at least once per week. If you want to check the pH levels yourself, but if you’re unsure how, you can consult professional pool services.

Just because you live in Arizona doesn’t mean you can ignore your pool over the winter. Don’t wait until it’s too late to winterize your pool. It’s time to act right away — contact H2o Pool Services today.

3 Tips for Properly Closing Your Pool

poolPools are an extremely common thing for homeowners to have in their yards. For instance, in 2015, there were 5.1 million in-ground pools in the homes of Americans. As a pool owner, there’s a lot you need to do to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. You have to make sure that the water is safe to swim in, that it’s cleaned regularly, and that it’s safe for people to be around.

Along with making sure that your pool is safe for use, you also have to consider everything that needs to be done when closing it for the season. Have you ever closed your pool before? If not, there are a few important things you need to know. Let’s take a look at what you should do before the closing process.

Clean It!

Before you even think about putting the cover on your pool, make sure you clean out all of the debris that has fallen to the bottom and that’s floating in the water. If you neglected to clean your pool before you put the cover on, you would be left to find leaves, branches and other unwanted things in the water when you open it next season.

Don’t Close it too Early

If you close your pool too early, you risk the growth of algae, as well as other issues. In order to successfully close your pool, the water’s temperature must be below 65 degrees. If it’s not, there’s a chance you’ll have pool issues when you open it for the next season. You could face more work, pool repairs, and additional costs that you didn’t want to have. Mid to late summer is the best time for closing a pool. You can even wait until early October if you have a heated pool.

Make Sure All of Your Equipment is Drained

This is an especially important tip for those living in cooler climates. Make sure you drain or empty all of your pool’s equipment when closing it for the year. If you don’t drain your heater, filter, or pool pump and you live in a place where the weather gets colder, you’re risking your equipment freezing up or even cracking and becoming unusable.

If you own a swimming pool but have never closed one before,make sure you’re using the steps listed above. You’ll ensure that your water will be in great condition when you open it back up for the next swimming season.

How It Works: 4 Steps for Acid Washing Your Pool

pool cleaning service scottsdale azIf your pool water has somehow become extremely unclear, it may be time for an acid wash. Also known as drain and clean, an acid wash may help your pool if it becomes dark and dirty. While there are many reasons this can happen, it may be due to the winter closing process not being done properly.

If you notice that you can’t even see the bottom of your pool anymore, don’t worry! Acid washing will usually clear that up nicely. Have you ever spent time acid washing a pool in the past? If not, there are four steps you must follow to properly do it. Let’s take a look at those four steps.

Remember: the easiest and safest way to do this is to simply call a professional acid wash pool service for assistance.

Clean and Drain Your Swimming Pool
The first step to acid washing your pool is to completely drain all of the water. While the water is draining, take the time to scrub and wash the sides of the pool to remove any algae or built-up debris that may be sticking. Any leaves that you get out of the water should be bagged up and thrown out.

Wear Safety Equiptment
Acid washing is a very dangerous project. Since it is extremely harmful, your best bet is to hire acid wash pool services. The acid wash pool services are trained to handle the chemical properly. If you choose to do the cleaning yourself, make sure you have the appropriate safety equipment. This equipment includes gloves, goggles, a breathing apparatus, and maybe even a chemical suit. By taking these steps you’re ensuring your safety during the washing process.

Create the Mixture and Begin Washing
If you have chosen to do this project yourself instead of hiring acid wash pool services, you’ll need to next start mixing all of the cleaning products together. In a bucket full of one gallon of water, carefully mix in one gallon of acid. Make sure you don’t mix the water into the acid but mix the acid into the water. Next, spray down the sides of your pool with water before adding the mixture and then pour the acid down the sides one section that is ten feet at a time. After pouring the mixture in the pool, don’t let it sit long and immediately use an acid brush to start scrubbing.

After you’ve completely evenly scrubbed the mixture onto the walls, take a hose and rinse the sides of the pool immediately. Make sure all of the acid is cleared and move onto the next section.

Remember, when acid washing your pool, use extreme caution as it is a very dangerous process. Make sure you regularly clean your pool after the treatment so you don’t have to do it again. Almost all industry experts say that chemicals for a traditional chlorine pool cost anywhere from $25 and $40 a month. Keeping up with the cleaning is inexpensive and will ensure that your pool will remain in a good state.

Common Pool Issues And Their Solutions

pool care fountain hillsIf you’re a pool owner, then you know that you need to maintain your pool often. This is especially true considering that it’s recommended pool owners have their pools cleaned once a week during peak use. However, pool maintenance isn’t the only pool issue that you need to worry about.

There are a lot of issues that might have you debating whether or not you should be calling a pool services company. However, some of the minor pool issues that occur can be solved at home. Here are a list of common pool issues and their solutions:

Clogged Filters
Perhaps one of the most common issues that can plague a pool, a clogged filter is a relatively easy thing to fix. You can tell you have one when your pool starts to have debris floating around, despite the filter running. Checking your filter in this situation should show it being full. To solve this issue, just clean the filter every time it’s dirty. Also, chemically clean it once a year to ensure that it has a long life.

Algae Growth
This is actually the most common of the pool issues that a pool owner can experience. You can tell when it occurs because the surface of the pool is green, and swimmers can emerge having green on them. This is because the chlorine level is too low. The solution is to shock the pool using three times the normal amount of shock, combined with algaecide. This will kill all the algae that is growing. Afterward, keep your chlorine at the expected level to avoid future mishaps.

Water Is Murky
If you can’t see the bottom of the pool and the water looks a little murky, then you should test the pH levels. Improper balancing of pH levels is the normal cause in this situation, especially if the rain is really acidic in your area. This can affect outdoor pools dramatically. You should test the pH levels, and then adjust them based on the readings you get.

Pool issues can come in a variety of forms, and it’s best to know how to handle the situation accordingly. If it is one of the above, you can handle it yourself. However, if your pool is experiencing a stain or slowly stripping walls, contact a professional swimming pool maintenance company. They will be able to diagnosis the problem and address it more accordingly.

3 Pool Maintenance Myths That Do More Harm Than Good

pool maintenance phoenixAs of 2015, around 21.23 million people in the U.S. had a pool. Owning a pool is a symbol of luxury, much like owning an expensive car. However, as many pool owners know, a pool requires maintenance and upkeep. There are many myths about pool maintenance, some of which you might have heard. To help you better maintain your pool, here is the truth regarding several of these myths:

Myth: Saltwater Pools Are Maintenance-Free

It is true that saltwater pools convert salt into a form of natural chlorine. However, they still require pool cleaning services and regular treatments and maintenance. They still need to be regularly skimmed of any debris, and the pH levels still need balancing. For a truly maintenance-free solution, at least on your end, hire a pool contractor to care for it for you.

Myth: Pools Cost A Lot To Maintain

This myth is based on some truth. Pool repairs and maintenance used to be much more costly than they are today. Factoring in water/heat usage, repairs, chemicals, and cleaning materials, they all can add up. However, energy efficient pool pumps and filters allow pools to use far less power and water than before. Pool contractors can also be hired to find a better way to run the pool and to correct any expense-creating issues. So, while a pool might be an expensive investment, they’re no longer as costly to maintain as they used to be.

Myth: You Can Clean It With Household Products

You might be tempted to use household products if you’re thrifty — things like baking soda, bleach, or borax. However, this is a very bad idea. If you don’t know what you’re doing and guess on dosages and combinations, you can damage your pool greatly. Professional pool chemicals are designed for pool systems and should be the only things you use. You should also use them following the specific instructions on their containers. Cutting corners here may damage your pool far more in the long run.

Owning a pool is a luxury that many can afford. However, it is up to you to make sure that your pool is well taken care of. Don’t believe these pool myths; you can do more harm than good if you do.

Don’t Spend Hours Cleaning Your Pool, Contact Pool Cleaning Services

acid wash pool serviceIf you own a pool you know how difficult (and expensive) it can be to stay on top of regular pool maintenance. Most industry experts give an estimate that just purchasing the chemicals for a pool’s chlorine can cost between $25 and $40 a month. That’s a lot of money invested, and it can feel like a waste when things go awry.

And unfortunately, things tend to go awry more often than you might plan for. You might forget to have the proper levels of chlorine for a little while, your pool pumps might stop working, or maybe you forgot to clean the filters. Suddenly you have a build up of algae and you wonder if owning a pool is worth it.

And that’s where swimming pool cleaning services can come in.

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services offer a variety of maintenance and repair options for pool owners, from full-service packages that include any pool-related need possible, to more specialty ones like acid wash pool services. You won’t have to worry about the pH levels of your pool because companies like ours can handle that for you.

All you have to do is go back to enjoying your time in the pool again.

But What Services Are Offered, Exactly?
Services like pool repair and pool maintenance, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, are common. You can also get acid wash pool services to handle the more severe buildup of plant matter. Many pool owners prefer these heavy-duty cleanings because they ensure a pool is spotless without causing any damage to its structure.

These services can even be applied to salt-water pools, which are growing more common among homeowners in America.

Enhanced Efficiency
Pool cleaning companies are experts at what they do, and so if your pool might be running less efficient than it should, they can find a solution. This can make your pool run smoother, look cleaner, and require less upkeep from you. The problem might be the chemical levels, a machine error, or just an issue with the pumps. Either way, the issue will be found and a solution will be given.

You shouldn’t have to work for hours to keep your pool clean when you could be relaxing in it. Leave that to the professionals that will keep it in the best condition for you.

Why Does My Salt Water Pool Have a High pH?

phoenix pool maintenancePools are a big part of the American summer. In 2015 alone, American homeowners installed up to 5.1 million inground pools. Pool maintenance is an essential part of owning one of these inground pools whether you own a chlorine or a salt water pool. However, one of the difficulties of cleaning your own pool is knowing which chemicals to use.

If you choose to clean your pool yourself and not use pool cleaning services, you may end up with a salt water pool that has a relatively high pH level. What can you do if the pH level in your salt water pool continues to rise despite your best efforts to reduce it?

Know the cause of the pH level
A salt water pool creates sodium hydroxide as a byproduct because the sodium in the water combines with the oxygen and hydrogen molecules. One of the reasons behind your pool’s high pH level could very well be the sodium hydroxide because this system itself has a surprisingly high pH.

The pH level should be stable if you’re managing your salt water pool correctly. However, if you aren’t, and the sodium hydroxide increases significantly without proper maintenance, the pH level will continue to rise seemingly without a cause.

So what can you do if your pH level is rising in your pool and you can’t control it?

    1. Check the stabilizer level. An unnaturally high pH level in your salt water pool could be a sign that your salt cell has been shortened due to running for an overly long period of time. Check the level of your cyanuric acid to be sure. The level should be between 80 and 100 ppm.


    1. Alter your salt system’s run time. If it turns out your salt cell is running for a long period of time, shorten the run time before you shorten its lifespan. Salt cells are designed to only last up to 10,000 hours. You should be able to maintain an average chlorine level with a run time between eight and 10 hours.


  1. Don’t overrun the system. Many pool owners tend to overrun their salt water pools because they want to keep the chlorine levels around 5 ppm. However, your pool doesn’t need a chlorine level of 5 ppm because it isn’t the same as a chlorine pool. Running your system for long periods of time in order to attempt to get to a 5 ppm or to maintain a 5 ppm can result in a pH level that is too high for swimming.

Swimming pool maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. Be sure that you’re running your system correctly and that you’re not running your system any longer than is recommended.

This can cause a chemical imbalance in the water and may result in rising pH level. For the best results, consult pool maintenance services today for an accurate and professional pool cleaning.

2 Ways Pool Cleaning Companies Can Help You Save Money

best pool service in chandler azThere are a lot of factors that go into owning a swimming pool. You need to keep it clean, worry about the chemical content, the algae levels, acid-washing, pool maintenance, and a lot more. Taking care of a pool can sometimes be so frustrating you’d rather not own one at all.

Fortunately, hiring a professional pool services company could save you a lot of headaches down the road.

There are a lot of benefits that come with working with a pool services company, and not just because they can clean your swimming pool. They’re experts in what they do, which means they can ensure you know what to look for when you’re checking your pool for repair needs.

Pool Services Can Educate You
You might not have to clean your pool with a swimming pool cleaning service on hire, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have to know some basics. These professionals will be able to teach you how to spot problems and how to use the equipment to keep it all running efficiently.

They can also work to make sure you know how to keep your pool safe for the people that swim in it. This can include knowing how to balance the chemicals in your pool to prevent microorganisms from being able to live in it. That means knowing the appropriate pH for your water, which is around a 7.4 to 7.6 for a typical in-ground pool.

They Can Save You Money
Contrary to popular belief, a pool cleaning service can actually save you money compared to your DIY attempts at cleaning on your own. You could miss damages or much-needed pool repairs, and that could lead to the problem getting worse. That means more issues down the road and a more expensive fix in the end.

In addition, pool cleaning services can work around your budget, meaning that you only pay what you can afford to. They’ll provide the materials and processes that you can afford, the bare essentials in need be, and make them fit your needs.

And perhaps most importantly, they’ll save you time. Having a pool cleaner come and take care of your pool for you means you don’t have to do it yourself. That’s an instant time-saver! You can be off focusing on other things while they work to keep your pool in the best shape.

So if you’re looking for the best investment you can make in your pool, look no further than a pool cleaning service company. You’ll make your summers stress-free and more enjoyable for you and the family.

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