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Got Damage Or Cracks In Your Pebble Tec Pool?

Swimming pools with finishes made of exposed aggregate, more popularly referred to as “Pebble Tec” in reference to the very popular brand, typically look great. A Pebble Tec pool can come in a variety of materials, colors, and textures, and it’s preferred by many because it offers a surface that is durable, stain-resistant, and non-slip.

However, a Pebble Tec pool could eventually sustain cracks, or any other kind of damage over time, reputation for durability notwithstanding. When this happens, you are going to need expert Pebble Tec repair in Phoenix. If you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and other major cities in Arizona, you don’t have to look far to find a reputable company that can repair a cracked Pebble Tec pool. Just call us at H2O Pool Service, and we’ll come to you, inspect the damage, and perform the best Pebble Tec pool repair Scottsdale AZ, moreover, you’ll also best cost of pebble tec pool resurfacing only at H2O Pool Service.

Advantages of a Pebble Tec Pool

Admittedly, a Pebble Tec finish tends to be more expensive than standard pool plaster, which is the most common style of pool surfacing. However, Pebble Tec surfaces offer a myriad of advantages over pool plaster finishes.

  • Longer lifespan – A pool finish with pebbles can last for 10–20 years. Its nonporous nature means it doesn’t absorb pool chemicals. It also resists staining as well as algae growth.
  • Non-slip means safe – Since a Pebble Tec pool is rougher, it creates better friction, which means it’s virtually impossible to slip on it. You and your children will be safe from slipping accidents as you play games in the pool.
  • Wide range of design, color, and texture choices – It’s not unheard of for swimming pool owners to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of design, color, and texture options for their Pebble Tec pool. You can have a pool that could be as bright or as dark as you want it. As for the texture, you could go for pebbles big or small. You can also choose a modern look for your pool, or make it reminiscent of an oasis. You might want to consult your pool designer for help in making the right design, color, and texture choices for your pool.
  • Low maintenance – The fact that it’s nonporous and stain-resistant means you won’t have to scrub your Pebble Tec pool very often. Its non-slip quality also makes it easier to clean with a pebble tec pool cleaner. As far as swimming maintenance goes, you don’t have to do much of it if your pool has a Pebble Tec finish. However, proper chemical maintenance is paramount with Pebble Tec pools in Phoenix if you want to prevent or at least slowdown calcium buildup.

Indeed, Pebble Tec is the highest quality pool resurfacing material on the market today, which is why you shouldn’t wait too long once you notice even hairline cracks on your pool finish, and here you can see all the cities in Arizona we serve. Call us at H2O Pool Service as soon as possible for the best Pebble Tec repair Phoenix can provide. Or If easier for you, come visit our office for more information on pebble tec services near me.

Reliable Pebble Tec Pool Resurfacing & Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Whatever pool service you need, you can trust that we at H2O Pool Service can deliver it. Contact us now for any pool service you need, whether it’s simple pool cleaning or swimming pool Pebble Tec repair.

Owning and operating a swimming pool involves a lot of responsibility, and we can take that responsibility out of your hands. So if your Pebble Tec pool needs some fixing or you are looking for pebble tec resurfacing service, count on us to give you the kind of Pebble Tec pool repair Phoenix pool owners have come to trust. Don’t miss out on the benefits your pebble surface pool offers because you didn’t seek Pebble Tec repair ASAP.

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H2O Pool Service was great! They troubleshot my old Hayward pump and were able to replace it with a new modern unit with an extended warranty. In addition, the new pump has reduced my electrical consumption by almost half. I will be sure to call them again when the need arises.

Michael B.

Steve promptly took my call and scheduled to fix my spa the very next day. He gave me an honest quote and price. Will use H2O again!!

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Knowledgeable and friendly! Steve’s team is professional and willing to take the time to inform you on what they are doing and why. My husband and I just built our own pool so we are pool owning newbies. We had H2O Pools come out to help us with the start up and I am so happy with the service. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a clear water pool and helpful professionals to maintain a well working pool.

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Thank you H2O for your reliable service. Steve is always here per schedule. Makes my life so much easier.

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We had drained the pool and were going to just refill it when we noticed it needed to be acid washed. Steve came out with in a couple of days and did the job. He was very professional on time and very knowledgeable!! I would highly recommend Steve and will absolutely use him in the future!!!

Lisa Gallagher
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