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Pool Crack Repair in Arizona

Your swimming pool is the source of a lot of joy in your household. Not only is it a place to cool off during sweltering days; it’s also where you and your loved ones bond on a regular basis. So when something as alarming as cracks start showing up all over your pool, you need to address them as soon as possible. Call H2O Pool Service and get pool crack repair done right away.

Sometimes, the cracks on your pool only run across the plaster surface, so they’re easier to deal with. However, you cannot discount the possibility that underneath those surface cracks are much bigger cracks on the concrete body of your pool itself, and that is a lot of potential trouble. Structural cracks can get bigger and cause a water leak that would not only cause water loss, but also erosion of the soil surrounding your pool, which could lead to a collapse. We can fix that right away as soon as you contact us. You can opt to drain the pool, or we can just perform swimming pool crack repair underwater if you want. The important thing is we get to tackle the problem immediately and nip it in the bud.

Causes for Cracked Pool Repair

  • Engineering mistakes – A swimming pool is a structure, and any structure built with improper engineering will eventually hound its owner. For example, the people who built the pool have perhaps failed to take the soil into account. Some soils have clay content, which would make it an expansive type of soil that could eventually push against the concrete of the pool and cause it to crack.  
  • Shoddy workmanship – Even if the person who drew up the plans for your pool did a great job, it’s still bound to fail and crack easily if the workmanship of the crew who worked on it is mediocre at best. Some work crews also tend to take shortcuts during the construction process to the point where they actually ignore the plans. The gunite, for example, needs to have the right amount of water when spraying it on the rebar, but the crew could have put too little or too much of it. The crew could also have failed to tie the rebar properly in place.
  • More soil issues – Expansive soil is just one possible issue that could cause pools to crack. Building the pool on poorly compacted soil could lead to cracking. If your home and pool stand on a hillside, then soil movement is another possible culprit.
  • Earthquakes – Even when a pool is perfectly built in all aspects, a particularly strong earthquake can nullify all of that. Sometimes, even a minor tremor can already cause cracks in your pool.

Quality Swimming Pool Crack Repair in Arizona

H2O Pool Service, a family-owned company, has already helped many Arizona homeowners deal with a variety of swimming pool concerns since it started operations in 2009. We’re only a call away whenever you need our concrete pool crack repair services. You can also count on us if you need to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean all year.

Owning a swimming pool is great, but having one entails a lot of responsibility. Sometimes, pool owners see having a pool of their own a burden and eventually end up neglecting that very special feature in their backyard. Don’t let this happen to your pool. Whenever you need our cracked pool repair services or something as simple as a weekly cleaning. Just give H2O Pool Service a ring, and we’ll be right there for you. Check out our pool service areas here.

Here is what our clients are saying:

H2O Pool Service was great! They troubleshot my old Hayward pump and were able to replace it with a new modern unit with an extended warranty. In addition, the new pump has reduced my electrical consumption by almost half. I will be sure to call them again when the need arises.

Michael B.

Steve promptly took my call and scheduled to fix my spa the very next day. He gave me an honest quote and price. Will use H2O again!!

Timothy C.

Knowledgeable and friendly! Steve’s team is professional and willing to take the time to inform you on what they are doing and why. My husband and I just built our own pool so we are pool owning newbies. We had H2O Pools come out to help us with the start up and I am so happy with the service. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a clear water pool and helpful professionals to maintain a well working pool.

Victoria J.

Thank you H2O for your reliable service. Steve is always here per schedule. Makes my life so much easier.

Mario C

We had drained the pool and were going to just refill it when we noticed it needed to be acid washed. Steve came out with in a couple of days and did the job. He was very professional on time and very knowledgeable!! I would highly recommend Steve and will absolutely use him in the future!!!

Lisa Gallagher
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