Pool Resurfacing


Plaster re-plastering has traditionally been the most popular. Most plaster applications have been done in white.





An interesting re-plastering application is the introduction of quartz in with the plaster mix. Quartz adds benefits to a pool re-plastering. Quartz is naturally a very hard material. With quartz making up a good percentage of the re-plastering mix, a hard, non-porous surface is developed. With quartz naturally coming in many colors, you can create a very unique and exciting appearance to your pool. A quartz re-plastering will also last 10 to 15 years with a proper pool maintenance schedule.


For a very “natural” looking pool, having pebbles mixed in with the plaster gives your pool an earthy appearance. Pebble re-plastering has excellent stain resistance and outstanding durability. With all of the natural colors of pebbles available, you will be able to make your pool look like beautiful!

When we perform a re-plastering job on your pool, we go through a very thorough process. First, we make sure that the old pool surface is correctly prepped to be able to take the new re-plastering surface. We will either do an acid etching of the old surface or completely remove the old surface. It is of the utmost importance that the surface be properly prepared to hold the new re-plastering product.

A new re-plastering surface will improve the look of your pool and will last for 10 years or more! If you want a new look to for your pool, we have professional estimators who can provide you with a quote for pool resurfacing that will make your pool look like new!



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