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Considering how hot it is in Arizona, we can almost say that a swimming pool is already a necessity. If you already have one, then it’s important to keep in mind that your pool is going to need a lot of maintenance work for the entire time it’s operational. That is where we at H2O Pool Service, a pool company Arizona residents have long come to trust, come in.

Weekly Pool Service starting at $60/month

Our passion is to turn your pool into a beautifully clean, blue pool. Our weekly pool cleaning service has proven to be cost-effective and efficient, regardless of your type of swimming pool. We take complete control over your pool maintenance and chemical implementation. In addition, we provide all types of swimming pool repairs, small and large. Below is our most popular service plan. We can also customize plans to fit your budget and needs.

New Client Special – 10% Off  your first 3 months with a 12-month agreement

Pool cleaning and maintenance

A most essential Mesa Arizona pool service we provide is pool cleaning. You see, the water in your pool is refreshing, but if you think about the number of people who take a dip in it for, say, a week, then there is no doubt that your pool water is already filled with bacteria and other pathogens.

If you don’t have it cleaned on a regular basis, it would only be a matter of time before someone in your family suffers from rashes that itch. Things would even be worse if your child accidentally swallowed even just a tiny bit of that unclean pool water while horsing around in the pool. It is not unheard of for children to suffer from diarrhea or worse after unintentionally swallowing pool water.

If you want your pool cleaned by the best pool service Mesa AZ has to offer, then you should call us at H2O Pool Service. When cleaning pools, our pool professionals do it by following a system, which has been serving them and our clients well for years now.

10-Point Checklist:

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01. Brush pool walls, steps, and tile line
02. Net debris from pool surface
03. Empty skimmer basket
04. Empty pump basket
05. Check equipment, and Settings
06. Check pool chemistry
07. Make pool chemistry adjustments
08. Backwash filter
09. Document pool results
10. Same Day Email Reporting

Having a pool is a lot of fun. But, with that fun comes a little responsibility. Regular pool cleaning should be done to maintain a clean, healthy pool. However, pool maintenance can be tough work. That’s why H2O Pool Service is here to help you only use your pool for the fun stuff – swimming! Our affordable pool service allows you to not have to worry about the hassle. We’re afamily-ownedd pool service company that’s been around since 2009, cleaning, servicing, and repairing residential and commercial pools throughout the valley.

Your pool needs the best pool cleaner and service tech available to offer you the best swimming pool care possible. Our swimming pool maintenance team is ready to serve you! So call us today to learn about how you can take advantage of our new client special. Then pay only $95/mo for Weekly Service! *Disclaimer: Some restrictions may apply.

Pool repair

Over the years, your pool will also show signs of wear and tear. The pool itself can fall prey to leaks, which could cause water loss and a lot of waste. Worse, all that water leaking could go straight into the earth surrounding the pool in your backyard, weaken and erode it, and consequently trigger a collapse of the pool itself. Then there’s the equipment you need to operate the pool properly. Through constant use, the pool pump, filter, and other moving parts within your pool are going to need repair or even replacement. When this happens, you are going to need the kind of pool service Mesa Arizona residents can trust. We at H2O Pool Service are confident we can provide you the kind of pool service you deserve

H2O Pool Service has been cleaning, servicing, and repairing residential and commercial pools throughout the Valley since 2009. That’s nearly a decade of dedicated pool service Mesa AZ residents have come to depend upon and will continue to rely on for the foreseeable future.

Now you might think that you want a more personal, hands-on, and DIY approach when it comes to pool service, and that is quite possible. However, you need to realize that pool maintenance and repair are more complicated than you think. You might be better off if you secure the services of a family-owned pool company Arizona residents have been trusting with their swimming pools for close to 10 years now.

What really drives us to give the best Mesa Arizona pool service possible is our passion for providing all swimming pool owners in the Valley a pool that’s so beautifully clean and blue that they would entertain the thought of spending the better part of their day swimming in it. When you no longer have to worry about cleaning and maintaining your pool, and all you think about is taking a dip every time you get home, then we have done our job well, and that makes us very happy.

Contact us today to schedule your pool cleaning or repairs from the pool service Mesa Arizona has to offer!


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