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Ever wonder why Surprise, Arizona was named as such? That’s because its founder, Flora Mae Statler, said that she “would be surprised if the town ever amounted to much.” Were she alive today, she would, indeed, be in for a ton of surprises.

Surprise is already considered as among the best places to live in Arizona and is the second-fastest-expanding municipality in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Many Surprise homes have swimming pools to cool off in during the hot summer weather. If you live in Surprise and you have a swimming pool, you can consider yourself fortunate that you and your family have a ready means of beating the heat.

Of course, owning and operating a swimming pool has a number of duties and responsibilities attached to it. One of the most basic, but absolutely essential things, about swimming pools that you have to be responsible for, is its cleanup and maintenance. After all, pools collect all kinds of dirt and debris, as well as all kinds of bacteria and germs when it is used on a regular basis.

Since the best pool cleaning service and pool repair in Surprise, AZ has to offer isn’t free, it’s understandable for some pool owners to just clean and sanitize their pools the DIY way. However, it is in your best interest to see your swimming pool cleaned, sanitized, and maintained in a professional manner. Should you decide to let the pros take care of your pool, remember to call H2O Pool Service, a family-owned pool service provider is one of the best pool companies in Surprise, AZ that has been providing same day pool service in Surprise, AZ Valley since 2009.

Services That Our Pool Cleaning Company Can Offer You in Surprise, AZ

Beyond regular maintenance, our swimming pool company can offer you these additional services:

  • Seasonal Swim Care: Every season in Surprise, AZ brings its own challenges to a swimming pool. Ask about our seasonal start-up package which brings back life to your swimming pool once a specific season has passed.
  • Overall Acid wash: To make your swimming pool free of germs and other impurities, you can use the acid wash process to clean the swimming pool.
  • Pool Filter cleaning: Different kinds of solutions are used in the process of filtering dirt and debris from your pool filter. Professional contractors have the necessary equipment to conduct a thorough filtering process.

Tired of spending hours cleaning your pool?

Our Weekly Pool Service in Surprise AZ Starts at $20/week.

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#1 Most Efficient Pool Repair Services In Surprise Az Possible

Aside from pool cleaning service and maintenance in Surprise AZ, we at H2O Pool Service also specialize in repairing any problems your swimming pool and its components are experiencing. One of the most popular issues clients face is needing their pebble tec surface repaired and we handle that too, just ask! The pool pumps Suprise AZ pool owners like you are using, for example, could break down anytime. When this happens, waste no time in calling us so we can fix it right away. H2O Pool Service is staffed by skilled and experienced pool technicians who will provide you with the same quality of pool pump repair that Surprise, AZ residents who have used our services have grown accustomed to.

Get rid of heavy stains with acid washing

Stains are an unavoidable occurrence in pools because of hard water and algae buildup. You can opt to scrub them off or remove them with the help of a pressure washer, but neither will work when the stains are really heavy. If you want to get rid of those stains completely, then call us and avail of the most efficient pool acid wash Surprise AZ has to offer. We promise that all stains on your pool will be gone by the time our technicians are done.

Pool Resurfacing in Surprise AZ

It’s but normal for older pools to show some cracks over time. Some pools that have been in use for years even have blisters and discolorations. When these signs of an aging pool are bothering you, you would be happy to know that there is something you can do about it.

H2O Pool Service offers the kind of pool resurfacing Surprise AZ swimming pool owners would love to get done on their own pools. Whether it’s pool deck staining or any other type of pool remodeling service in Surprise AZ, we’re here to help. We’ll start work once you’ve decided on the type of finish you want for your pool. Our team is skilled in providing high-quality pool deck staining services that can transform the look of your pool area. When we’re finished with the pool resurfacing and remodeling, you will have an aesthetically pleasing pool and deck that you can enjoy for many years to come.

A clean, functional, and beautiful swimming pool is always within your reach. Call us at H2O Pool Service, and you will have them all, and more.

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Here is what our clients are saying:

H2O Pool Service was great! They troubleshot my old Hayward pump and were able to replace it with a new modern unit with an extended warranty. In addition, the new pump has reduced my electrical consumption by almost half. I will be sure to call them again when the need arises.

Michael B.

Steve promptly took my call and scheduled to fix my spa the very next day. He gave me an honest quote and price. Will use H2O again!!

Timothy C.

Knowledgeable and friendly! Steve’s team is professional and willing to take the time to inform you on what they are doing and why. My husband and I just built our own pool so we are pool owning newbies. We had H2O Pools come out to help us with the start up and I am so happy with the service. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a clear water pool and helpful professionals to maintain a well working pool.

Victoria J.

Thank you H2O for your reliable service. Steve is always here per schedule. Makes my life so much easier.

Mario C

We had drained the pool and were going to just refill it when we noticed it needed to be acid washed. Steve came out with in a couple of days and did the job. He was very professional on time and very knowledgeable!! I would highly recommend Steve and will absolutely use him in the future!!!

Lisa Gallagher
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