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How It Works: 4 Steps for Acid Washing Your Pool

4 Steps for acid washing your pool

If your pool water has somehow become extremely unclear, it may be time for an acid wash. Also known as drain and clean, an acid wash may help your pool if it becomes dark and dirty. While there are many reasons this can happen, it may be due to the winter closing process not being done properly.

If you notice that you can’t even see the bottom of your pool anymore, don’t worry! Acid washing will usually clear that up nicely. Have you ever spent time acid washing a pool in the past? If not, there are four steps you must follow to properly do it. Let’s take a look at those four steps.

Remember: the easiest and safest way to do this is to simply call a professional acid wash pool service for assistance.

Clean and Drain Your Swimming Pool

The first step to acid washing your pool is to completely drain all of the water. While the water is draining, take the time to scrub and wash the sides of the pool to remove any algae or built-up debris that may be sticking. Any leaves that you get out of the water should be bagged up and thrown out.

Wear Safety Equipment

Acid washing is a very dangerous project. Since it is extremely harmful, your best bet is to hire acid wash pool services. The acid wash pool services are trained to handle the chemical properly. If you choose to do the cleaning yourself, make sure you have the appropriate safety equipment. This equipment includes gloves, goggles, a breathing apparatus, and maybe even a chemical suit. By taking these steps you’re ensuring your safety during the washing process.

Create the Mixture and Begin Washing

If you have chosen to do this project yourself instead of hiring acid wash pool services, you’ll need to next start mixing all of the cleaning products together. In a bucket full of one gallon of water, carefully mix in one gallon of acid. Make sure you don’t mix the water into the acid but mix the acid into the water. Next, spray down the sides of your pool with water before adding the mixture and then pour the acid down the sides one section that is ten feet at a time. After pouring the mixture in the pool, don’t let it sit long and immediately use an acid brush to start scrubbing.


After you’ve completely evenly scrubbed the mixture onto the walls, take a hose and rinse the sides of the pool immediately. Make sure all of the acid is cleared and move onto the next section.

Remember, when acid washing your pool, use extreme caution as it is a very dangerous process. Make sure you regularly clean your pool after the treatment so you don’t have to do it again. Almost all industry experts say that chemicals for a traditional chlorine pool cost anywhere from $25 and $40 a month. Keeping up with the cleaning is inexpensive and will ensure that your pool will remain in a good state.